Our heartfelt thanks go out to our incredible supporters of Glamour Girl;

Sammy Moreno, Lucy Moreno, Maurice Armadale, Hayley Evenett, Tom Harris,
Anna Sekera, Imogen De La Bere, Hollie Miller, Katie Patrick & Rhys Lawton.

About us

Ivan Wilkinson is an actor with 12 years of professional touring experience. He is highly skilled at stage combat and is a published playwright, his adaptation of “Kidnapped” toured successfully in the UK in 2014.

Beth Miller has been instrumental in organising and stage managing tours abroad, primarily in Italy, in recent years. Her experiences range from Shakespeare to children’s theatre. Her artistic skills have been utilised in the making of masks and props in recent projects.

Since our inception we successfully completed a ‘legends’ project in the North East of England, incorporating mask and movement work, and a Burns night in Bedfordshire, which involved our other passion, live music.


We are very happy to discuss what we can do for you in return, be it promoting or supporting you or your organisation in whatever way we can.

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